In this time of rapid change and great uncertainty one wonders what good a plan will do. . .

“There is no time to plan,” people often say,or “what use is a plan when the landscape changes every day, with new job losses, plant closings, and natural disasters draining all our resources?”

Communities spend all their time on crises because they don’t plan. Or, they spend too much time on planning that has no relationship to action.

Planning is a decision-making tool. Every hour of every day we make decisions. If you have no plan, every decision has unlimited options and quickly becomes overwhelming. Moreover, when every option is possible, few are happy with the result. The overwhelming nature of decision-making coupled with the often unhappy result prompts elected officials and their staffs to analyze relentlessly and postpone decisions endlessly. This usually results in multiple hearings on a single project, marathon meetings, and expensive development. An effective plan makes the development process manageable.

Diane Lupke & Associates is known for its “working plans”. A working plan is a plan that is so timely and so responsive to immediate concerns that the community often begins implementation before the plan is even completed. The plan enables quick responses to be made to changing circumstances and unexpected opportunities by creating guides for decision making – reasons to say no to an unwise choice, and yes to a better one.

Diane Lupke & Associates can develop:
  • neighborhood plans;
  • fund development strategies;
  • organizational plans;
  • revitalization strategies;
  • business plans, including the development of a case statement, clarifying vision and mission statements, and conducting asset and SWOT analyses.
We also can facilitate:
  • branding and market positioning;
  • setting goals, strategies, and benchmarks;
  • conducting resource and feasibility analyses;
  • project planning.
Community Based Strategic Planning
In Indianapolis, Indiana, Diane Lupke & Associates worked with ten community development corporations in an engagement with the Indianapolis Neighborhood housing partnership to build the capacity of the organizations to take on more ambitious and sophisticated development projects, in particular reuse of old commercial and industrial buildings for mixed uses. Each organization conducted a community planning process and developed three-year strategic plans with annual benchmarks.

Indianapolis, Indiana
Organizational Planning
In Toledo, Ohio, major plant closings and job layoffs were eroding the industrial base, strapping charitable resources, and stretching leadership. Diane Lupke & Associates worked with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation to convene local leadership and plan for transformational change. As part of its five-year strategic organizational plan, Toledo LISC will focus revitalization strategies around major institutional assets such as schools, hospitals, and museums, the commercial corridors that access them, and the neighborhoods that surround them. A major hospital neighborhood plan, new tools for affordable housing, and engagement of local Community Development Corporations in commercial and industrial development strategies are early results.

Toledo, Ohio
Downtown Plans
In Logansport, Indiana, local officials and Main Street volunteers were faced with shuttered stores and the threat of a major state road construction project in their downtown. Diane Lupke & Associates conducted a downtown planning process to help the community face the challenges head-on. The plan treated the construction project as an opportunity, and phased the improvements to coincide with the construction. The project resulted in the awarding of a major grant from the local community foundation, and new programs for faŤade improvement grants, historic preservation design standards, and streetscape improvements.

Neighborhood Plans
In empowerment zones and enterprise communities across the country, Diane Lupke & Associates worked with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to prepare workout plans for neighborhood projects that were in danger of losing funding, were being stymied by local infighting, or were just not working. Lupke & Associates worked to build consensus, refocus on the mission, identify alternative resources, and prepare success benchmarks. New industrial parks, affordable housing, job matching programs, one-stop centers, and an angel network were notable results.

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