How Money Moves

Market analysis is about how money moves – where it comes from, how it turns over and multiplies, and how individual expenditures impact total spending power. Understanding economic development at this most basic level gives policy makers clues to where and how they can intervene in the economy to have the greatest impact.

At the local level, the choices an individual makes for the expenditure of every dollar matters. Where you live, where you work, where you shop, and everything in between, matter in the local economy. How you pay for your purchases or services matters in how the transaction is recorded and reported. The kinds of jobs, and who holds them, inside and outside the community, matters in how much money made in the community stays in the community.

Understanding economic development at this most basic level enables the understanding of the relative success or potential failure of the most complex development project. Moreover, it is the foundation for any development activity to:
  • attract the goods and services the residents need in closer proximity;
  • provide jobs for area residents;
  • revitalize the area for other business activity; and
  • enhance the overall quality of life for residents.
In Silver Spring, Maryland, Diane Lupke & Associates worked with Montgomery County to conduct a market analysis for a new civic center that was the center piece of their town center development, including movie theatres, a grocery store, housing, a hotel and conference space, and area retail. We were able to help them by uncovering hidden markets and calculating unreported spending, which is one of our specialties. Both rural and urban environments hide day-to-day spending that can be translated into purchasing power – meaning new goods and services.

In northwest Indiana, Diane Lupke & Associates worked with two communities to bolster their downtowns and position themselves in the region. Newly identified emerging markets and niche opportunities allowed creative rebranding and uncovered more than 600,000 square feet of retail opportunity for future development.

Diane Lupke & Associates understands both the importance and the limitations of standard market analysis techniques. Traditional market analysis techniques often fail in defining neighborhood markets. We specialize in working in emerging neighborhood markets, distressed neighborhoods, and isolated rural economies that are notoriously under counted in the census and other standard measures. We can help you to create an accurate Market Profile, Uncover Hidden Assets, and get the most out of your Spending Power.

Diane Lupke & Associates can:
  • Create current demographic, economic, and consumer profiles.
  • Obtain proprietary local business experience data.
  • Uncover “below the radar” cash economies and hidden populations profiles.
  • Track consumer spending and perform gap analyses.
  • Identify development opportunities – even identifying specific store brands.
  • Build consensus around clear goals and identify intervention opportunities with a path to success.
  • Show how to lead the private sector to market opportunities by adding value without shouldering all the risk.

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